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No homeowner wants intruders in their home, whether they are human or animal. Animal intruders are a dangerous foe. They can squeeze into tight places so they can find easy access into your home; they can cause extensive damage property; and they are carriers of many diseases which can be a health risk to your family. When it comes to protecting against animal intruders, you can’t be Advanced Wildlife Removal Berlin NJ 08009 too careful.

One common animal intruder is a raccoon. Raccoons are difficult to catch because they are typically nocturnal (though have been known to be active during the day) and very resourceful. Their back feet have five toes, which are ideal for grasping and manipulating things like lids, jars, garbage cans, doors, and even locks. Although raccoons typically live in the wild, they are happy to make any Berlin NJ 08009 warm and cozy spot their home. Chimneys are a common place for raccoons to adopt as a home. That’s why it’s important for any homeowner to a screen installed over the chimney to prevent raccoons crawling inside. Call a trusted animal control professional to do the job. They will know which areas of your home are prone to animal intrusion and how to prevent against it. They Advanced Wildlife Removal Berlin NJ 08009 know what raccoons like to eat and how to prevent against raccoons opening garbage cans or other storage bins. One major problem with raccoons is that they can carry the rabies virus. You never want to confront a raccoon because one bite can have major health problems. It’s best to call in animal control specialists if you suspect raccoons have invaded your home.

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